Twisted Tallulah #189

Twisted Tallulah #189DOB: May 1977

What has been your highlight when skating with FVRG?

For me, I was most chuffed at passing the WFTDA Mins. When I started skating, I didn’t even know what a transition was, never mind being able to actually do one! It’s great when you finally get to that point when all those sessions that you have been attending and the skills you have been learning all finally click.

Who are your Derby Heroes?

I think that Bonnie Thunders and Scald Eagle are amazing! I also like to watch Short Stop and Lauren Mutch.

What advice would you give to anyone interested in trying Roller Derby?

Just go for it! Its great fun, with a brilliant community – you’ll never regret taking that first step!

How do you spend your time outside of FVRG?

Between work and my kids I dont have too much free time outside of FVRG! But I do like to keep fit, whether its at home or at a class. Having a wee outside skate is always fun! But sometimes the best thing to do is to chill out with the family and watch a good movie together.