Nymphadora Bonks #2

Nymphandora Bonks #2DOB: March 1991

What has been your highlight when skating with FVRG?

Genuinely, the highlight for me is the amount of support and encouragement from everyone in the league.

Who are your Derby Heroes?

Scald Eagle has to be one of them, such a skilled skater with a great attitude and personality.

What advice would you give to anyone interested in trying Roller Derby?

Roller Derby is not for everyone, however, how do you know its not for you until you try? The worst that could happen is that you tried. The best is that you love it and you cant wait to come back to train!

How do you spend your time outside of FVRG?

I love to travel, Im a nomad at heart. Theatre, cinema, inline skating, cycling and gym classes are but a few of the things you may find me doing when not at training, I like to keep busy.