Camelon Diaz #17

DOB: February 1982
First Game Played: FVRG vs Belfast Roller Derby, July 2012

What has been your highlight when skating with FVRG?

Probably being chosen as vice-captain of the Parma Violents for six months, the experience taught me a lot of valuable lessons about roller derby.

Who are your Derby Heroes?

No-one in particular, but everyone that comes along to a fresh meat session to try it out, whether they haven’t skated in years or are a complete beginner.  It takes some courage to put those skates on for the first time.

What advice would you give to anyone interested in trying Roller Derby?

Just go for it!  Your background doesn’t matter, roller derby is very accepting and inclusive.  Be prepared to work hard, sweat a lot and ache all over, and you can achieve so much.

How do you spend your time outside of FVRG?

I work in Metadata in the National Library of Scotland (a fancy way of saying I spend my day surrounded by books!), and outside of work, I like to keep my fitness up with running and Pilates, and I am an avid reader.