FVRG at British Champs 2015 & 2016

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No matter which UK roller derby team you followed this year, it would have been impossible to ignore the excitement surrounding the first ever British Roller Derby Championships.

72 teams played in the tournament, 7 of them Scottish, with Glasgow Roller Derby winning first place! FVRG were grouped in ‘Tier 4 Local – North’ with neighbours New Town Roller Girls and Voodoo Roller Dollies, who were all keen to show the visiting teams and fans how hard they have been training.

FVRG in British Champs 2015 (T4 Local – North)

FVRG’s British Champs 2015 experience started in Grangemouth on 13th June 2015. The league hosted a very British themed double-header event to welcome guests from Preston Roller Girls, Voodoo Roller Dollies, and New Town Roller Girls. Although FVRG’s opponents forfeited the game, they still got the chance to get their wheels dirty by playing against a mixed team of skaters from New Town Roller Girls, Dundee Roller Girls, and Lothian Derby Dolls.

FVRG went on to play against Preston in Glasgow; Spa Town in Harrogate; and finally Voodoo in Broxburn. They finished the group games undefeated, so joined second-place Preston at the T4 Local Play-Offs in November, along with Hallam Hellcats (second-place in T4 Local – Central North) and Wolverhampton Honour Rollers (first-place in T4 Local – Central North).

Preston Roller Girls hosted the Play-Offs in their home venue of Preston’s College on Saturday 21st November. They played in the opening game against Wolverhampton and took the win in the very last jam, securing them a place in the final. Next up was FVRG versus Hallam Hellcats. FVRG narrowly lost by 15 points, meaning they had to play in the next game against Wolverhampton for third or fourth place, while Hallam made it through to the final. This was undoubtedly the toughest challenge that the team had faced: they had to physically and mentally prepare for a second game after a close defeat and only a short break. After starting the game short on players, the team lost two more at half-time due to injury. Although the remaining players gave it their all, Wolverhampton won the game and took third place. Preston and Hallam played in the closely fought final game with Hallam winning first place. Both teams were deservedly promoted to Tier 3 in British Champs 2016 after their outstanding performance throughout the tournament.

FVRG in British Champs 2016 (T3 Regional North)

No, you haven’t misread the title – despite coming fourth in the T4 Local Play-Offs, FVRG recently received an email from the British Champs organisers to offer a promotion into Tier 3! The league discussed this at length to reach the right decision for their players, officials, organisers, and helpers. The overall vote came back as a ‘Yes’, so everyone is already in planning mode for next year’s tournament.

The complete fixtures for the games in the T3 Regional North group can be found on the British Champs website. For FVRG’s travelling fans and online supporters, here is an abridged version of their games:

Date Home Away Location
20/02/2016 Hull’s Angels Roller Dames Fierce Valley Roller Girls Preston
Preston Roller Girls Dundee Roller Girls Preston
23/04/2016 Manchester Roller Derby Hallam Hellcats Roller Derby Grangemouth
Fierce Valley Roller Girls Dundee Roller Girls Grangemouth
21/05/2016 Fierce Valley Roller Girls Hallam Hellcats Roller Derby Dundee
Dundee Roller Girls Hull’s Angels Roller Dames Dundee
11/06/2016 Manchester Roller Derby Fierce Valley Roller Girls Sheffield
Hallam Hellcats Roller Derby Preston Roller Girls Sheffield
16/07/2016 Fierce Valley Roller Girls Preston Roller Girls TBC
Hallam Hellcats Roller Derby Dundee Roller Girls TBC
Hull’s Angels Roller Dames Manchester Roller Derby TBC

(Dates reflect those on British Champs website)

This will undoubtedly be a very challenging Tier for FVRG, but it is a challenge which the players and coaches are looking forward to.

FVRG would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made their British Champs 2015 so memorable and they look forward to continued support in 2016. A special mention must go to the FVRG fans, and especially Fierce Valley Roller Cubs who cheered on the team – and made fantastic banners!

FVRG Banner from Jurassic Snark of Fierce Valley Roller Cubs

FVRG Banner from Jurassic Snark of Fierce Valley Roller Cubs