Fresh Meat – Sunday 6th November

By · October 18, 2011 · Filed in Fresh Meat

Ever fancied playing Roller Derby? Well now’s your chance! Fierce Valley Roller Girls are inviting all over 18s to come along for their next Fresh Meat intake on Sunday 6th November at 11am in Bo’ness Recreation Center.

The Facebook Event will keep you up to date with dates and times, but if you’re interested in coming along, please fill out our Online Registration Form.

It’s important to state that the Fresh Meat day is not a try out! It’s more of a taster session to let you see what it takes to become a roller girl so you can make a fair decision if you want to stick with it or not. The Fresh Meat training programme will cover basic roller derby techniques, like stopping and falling safely.

One of skaters, Lady Feerocious, has written a blog article to answer questions that are often asked by potential Fresh Meat – chances are that these will be similar to what you’re thinking so why not have a wee peek?