Co-Ed: Violent Jakeys vs. Parma Bites

By · July 24, 2013 · Filed in Upcoming Games

Co-Ed Roller Derby has recently taken hold of the traditionally female sport, and Fierce Valley Roller Girls want a piece of the action! The Parma Violents will mix with men’s team The Jakey Bites on Saturday 10th August in a ‘co-ed’ roller derby bout.

Scottish Men’s team, The Jakey Bites, have already played with Dundee’s Silvery Tayzers and Aberdeen’s Granite City Roller Girls, but how will they fare playing against (or with!) FVRG’s Parma Violents?

Both teams will be taken out of their comfort zone as each line-up will feature male and female skaters. So what will these mixed teams be called? Violent Jakeys and Parma Bites, naturally.

Come along to The Peak in Stirling on Saturday for a guaranteed action-packed afternoon.

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