Bout Report: Bruise Brothers

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One of skaters – Shelby Weeblock – volunteered herself to write up a report on our recent bout against Dundee’s Silvery Tayzers. It didn’t take long before our friends at The Alloa Advertiser caught wind of this fantastic report, and they very kindly offered to publish it in their next issue.

Here is Shelby’s ‘Bruise Brothers’ Bout Report for you to enjoy.

First outing for Fierce Valley Roller Girls – and it’s a bruising encounter!

Fierce Valley Roller Girls’ team, the Parma Violents, took on Dundee Roller Girls’ team the Silvery Tayzers at the DISC in Dundee on Saturday 18th February.

This was the first ever public bout for Fierce Valley, only a few short months after their closed bout for family and friends with Fair City Roller Girls on 30th October. Even in this short time, you could really see how much progress has been made by the Parma Violents and how well they have gelled as a team.

With the bout entitled “Bruise Brothers”, both teams embraced the Blues Brothers theme for their skate outs, using music from the film & the Parma Violents all sporting very fetching black sunglasses!

Dundee’s team, the Silvery Tayzers got off to an early lead, claiming the first lead jammer and scooping points in the first 3 jams but after the Dundee jammer took a trip to the sin bin in jam 4, the Parma Violents vice captain Rufi-Ohh found herself in a power jam situation, leaving her to take what points she could.

Silvery Tayzers Psychomilly widened the point gap in jam 10 with a power jam and the Tayzers Cilla Block managed to sneak out of the sin bin un-noticed in jam 13 and nipped through the pack to claim lead jammer status.

Throughout the first period, the Fierce Valley Parma Violents didn’t make it easy for the Tayzers, holding back the opposing jammer well and forcing the other team to call off the jam early before being able to score points.

The end of the first period saw Dundee Roller Girls leading 126 to Fierce Valley Roller Girls 19.

Back in after the interval was Psychomilly jamming for the Tayzers and team captain Fun Ghoul jamming for the Parma Violents. Fun Ghoul would go on to get a power jam in Jam 21 when the Tayzers jammer was sent to the bin.

In the second half I definitely noticed a bit more action between the two teams jammers. The Parma Violents showed they weren’t afraid to challenge the Tayzers jammer on the jammer line or like Lady Feerocious and Fun Ghoul, by putting in a well timed hit after setting off, taking out the Tayzers jammer before they could get through the pack to score.

Overall the Parma Violents showed a lot of confidence in taking on or holding back the opposing team and jammer, and forcing their way through the pack. They didn’t let the more experienced team overwhelm them and never looked beaten, but ultimately, the strength of the Tayzers jammers and the more experienced team won out.

Final score was 226 to Dundee’s Silvery Tayzers and 36 to Fierce Valley’s Parma Violents.

Best Jammers – Harleen Quinzel (Tayzers) and Zombette (Parma Violents)

Best Blockers – Unprotected Bex (Tayzers) and Calamity Jen (Parma Violents)

Most Valuable Player – Littlest Peepshow (Tayzers) and Fun Ghoul (Parma Violents)

February 2012 - The Alloa Advertiser

February 2012 – The Alloa Advertiser